2014 Lectures
Video of two talks I gave in 2014.
A single-page site featuring work we have made based on An Inside Walk.
An Inside Walk
An essay that is not actually about losing weight.
IES Collateral
IES Awards event collateral.
Through Process
A podcast I co-host with Namdev Hardisty about how we become designers.
MFA Thesis Work
Work, writing, teaching and investigations from 2010 to 2012.
The Tragedy and the Triumph of Mise-En-Place
When too much getting ready is too much.
Manifestos and the personal nature of design.
A Reading List
Updated 26 November 2014. My randomly updated reading list for anyone who is curious.
Work I contributed to Erik Brandt's "Ficciones Typografika" project.
Let's start calling feel-good feedback what it really is.
The Best & Worst Things About Graphic Design
My students answer this question with some interesting insights.
On Enlightenment
Reflecting on those moments in design school where something wonderful happens.
Handwriting, Impatience and A Slow Death
I have a nice pen. And it doesn't matter one bit.
Two Dirty Words
There are 7 dirty words. Here are two more.
Vine As Process #3
Investigation of color using the restrictions of a simple video app.
Why Not?
Why ask why, when you can ask: why not?
Vine As Process #2
Investigation of motion using the restrictions of a simple video app.
Delightful Confusion
Why we should embrace and be delighted by confusion instead of running from it.
Vine As Process #1
Investigation of motion using the restrictions of a simple video app.
A Learning Pedagogy
How can we more strongly consider how and what we learn?
On Post-Technical Design
How can we synthesize learning the computer and the ideas of design?
Photocopier #1
Investigations using a photocopier and one sheet of text.
The Trouble With Kerning
Are we paying attention to the right things in design?
The Long Lesson
How are we teaching design—for the short term or the long term?
A Grading Paradox
The two sides of evaluating and grading design students.
The Friction App
Maybe the problem with easy is that it's too easy.